Altec provides quality aluminum extrusions for all types of consumer and industrial uses, in both solid and hollow shapes. Our wide range of products, extruded to a variety of lengths, includes:

  • Custom Profiles
  • Full range of tubing, pipe, bars and rods

With our diversified manufacturing capabilities, we can satisfy all your requests. This includes extrusion support such as intricate fabricating, anodizing, wet paint and powder coating in standard or custom colors, on materials up to 56’ long. Shapes up to 9” circle size are also available to you.

Alloys include: Ÿ 6101     Ÿ 6063     Ÿ 6061     Ÿ 6005     Ÿ 6463

We are 100% committed to your satisfaction, so don’t hesitate to contact us.