Aluminum Extrusion DieAltec is ready to answer any of your questions about extrusions or any of our manufacturing and quality control processes. Here are just a few of the questions that are frequently asked.

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How does the cost of tooling for aluminum extrusions compare with the costs of other materials and processes?

The cost of dies for aluminum extrusions is normally much lower than the cost of tooling for other processes, like die casting, forming, impact extrusion, stamping or vinyl extrusion.

How does the strength-to-weight ratio for aluminum extrusions compare with the ratio for other materials?

The strength-to-weight ratio of aluminum extrusions is quite good when compared with the ratios for other materials, such as rolled form steel, copper extrusions, molded plastic or wood.

What types of tolerances can be achieved with aluminum extrusions?

Aluminum extrusions generally provide much tighter tolerances than other materials. Altec consistently produces very precise tolerances, in accordance with each customer’s specifications and as testified by our ISO certification. For more information on this topic in general, see the Aluminum Extrusion Council’s Tolerances Table.

What are the advantages of using the 6xxx series of alloys in aluminum extrusions?

The 6xxx series, which incorporates magnesium and silicon, provides good extrudability, strength, corrosion resistance, formability and machinability — which explains why it’s also Altec’s alloy of choice for all of our aluminum extrusions.