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From simple lightweight profiles to complex shapes, long or short runs, Altec Aluminum Technologies creates extruded materials to your unique specifications. Our extrusion presses produce a wide variety of lengths and circle sizes. So provide us with your specific requests and expect a high-quality product every time.

  • Extruded lengths up to 56’
  • Circle sizes up to 9”
  • 1350-ton 6″, 1650-ton 8″, 2500-ton 9″ extrusion presses
  • 6101, 6063, 6061, 6005, 6463 alloys

We offer you the full range of fabricating capabilities, from punching to bending, drilling and mitering. Each of our advanced fabrication methods is designed to save you time and money. Our extensive quality control mechanisms ensure that every piece meets our highest standards…as well as yours…for workmanship and performance. Our fabrication equipment and services include:

  • Cut-back
  • Mitering
  • Punching
  • Lathe Work
  • Break Pressing
  • Bending
  • Welding
  • Countersinking
  • CNC Milling

We provide a durable anodized finish that will make your products look good and offer greater resistance to corrosion and wear. From commercial clear sulfuric to two-step anodized color and Bright Dip glossy polishing, you get unequaled color reproduction with leading technical expertise. A medium temperature seal with nickel sulfate helps protect every product from environmental corrosion. Color and etch finish samples are available upon request.

We can formulate any wet paint color specification that you require. In addition to the different color selections, we also offer a variety of paint types, from acrylics and fluoropolymers, to PVDF coatings like Kynar and DuraChrome, polyesters, Chem Film and more. Our thorough pre-treatment process ensures satisfactory long-term performance, with paints that provide strong corrosion resistance.

Should you require a superior powder-coated finish, we can offer this environmentally-friendly process to you in a variety of standard or custom colors. Using our high-tech electrostatic painting system, we deliver a precision application that protects your product from scratching, corrosion and extreme temperatures.

Your order receives close, personal attention from beginning to end, including packaging to your specifications and timely shipping with coordinated bar code labeling for added efficiency. Altec Aluminum Technologies has a company delivery fleet or can ship via common carriers.

Altec offers comprehensive inventory warehousing services, with computerized control so your product can be available when you need it. We can manufacture on a consignment basis so that you can meet all of your scheduling requirements in a quick, cost-effective manner. Our professional team strives to provide the most efficient inventory management system for your needs.